Oooooooh, I’m drooling!

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I’ve just read about a wonderful hydrangea at the Renegade Gardener website. I’ve recommended Don Engebretson’s site before, and I’m glad to do it again. His description of Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Endless Summer’ convinced me that I’ve just got to have one. Too bad it won’t be available nationally till next year. Well, that just gives me more time to figure out where I will plant it. Besides, it will probably be too pricey for me for several years after that. Maybe. Or maybe it will be next year’s birthday present of choice.

While you’re reading up on this shrub, check out the other great features on his site, such as Don’t DO That! and Myth of the Week. P.S. After June 6, something else will be on his front page, but you can find the hydrangea write-up under the plants category.

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