Holiday week kaleidoscopes, wallpaper, wallpaper details
31 December 2020 | 1:52 pm

Doodling from scans made earlier in fall of kale, bittersweet fruit, pitcher plant.

Sunday doodle
21 December 2020 | 12:27 am

Fiddling with an old Angraecum sesquipedale (Darwin’s orchid,¬†Christmas orchid, Star of Bethlehem¬†orchid) scan.

Black Friday doodles
29 November 2020 | 2:27 am

The Black Friday Challenge: See what you can do with single scanned plant parts.¬† Results — using junk from the late fall garden including chard and kale worked over by the deer, bittersweet berries, pitcher plant parts and a tuberous begonia blossom from the window sill — came out pretty cool. Click on images for … Continue reading "Black Friday doodles"

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