Year Two ...
11 December 2008 | 9:49 pm

This is the second year of the first garden I started from scratch. I am pleased with how it's looking and filling out. The building was originally a chicken coop that was converted to a potting shed. First we fixed the building, then....time for a garden! There was a large rose bush where the pump is now that we just moved. I think I will mulch an oval area around the pump as I know we won't weed whack around it!

The right side will fill in more as the summer progresses. I tried marine bells last year and loved how they mounded so I planted them at the front edge of both sides again. The sun drops are huge this year and I love Apple's foxglove behind them. The fever few in the back by the windows should bloom soon. I have little white markers where I planted dahlia bulbs. They should look nice with the marine bells infront.

The left side has really filled out. I did lose one of my three delphiniums so there is a small replacement out front. Last year the pink daisies didn't bloom but they are putting on quite a show this year! I have no idea what the tall white flower to the left of the pink daisies are. It was a plant swap flower that was not marked. I have asked my gardening friends but no one is familiar with it. If none of you know, I will have to break out the gardening books to figure it out! The window boxes have water wells in the bottom which saves me some watering.

A few close ups....

Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden
11 December 2008 | 9:49 pm

This is the third year for my garden and every morning I take a walk around, amazed at how quickly it has changed and filled in. I've made plenty of mistakes and I expect I'll make plenty more but over all I am absolutely thrilled with the garden this year.

The space between the house and the garage was the perfect spot for a butterfly garden. I decided to throw in a few plants to attract humming birds too. One of my first purchases was three tiny Red Husker Penstemons from a mail order company known for low prices. The first year they stayed small and green but not knowing any better I figured that was normal. The second year they stayed green and sent up thin stalks that waved in the breeze. Instead of the white flowers I had expected I got dozens of flowers of a color I can't name. Sometimes they seem red, other days dark pink and today I guess I'd describe them as a rich coral. So I have no idea what variety they actually are but the hummingbirds love them. After my initial disappointment that I didn't get what I ordered, so do I.

They are planted at the back of the butterfly
puddle that has become more of a rock pile.

A longer view of the bed.

Can you see the hummingbird?

Close up the flowers appear to be grinning.

It's All In the Angle...
11 December 2008 | 9:49 pm

One of the things I like about blogging is that my garden often looks better online than in person. I can hide many weeds and flaws, of course, I show many weeds and flaws but in general I show you the best of everything. I was walking around one day surveying what new blooms I had. There is an old foundation from a building out behind the barn that tends to be a catch all and wild daisies grown on it. I caught this view and thought how pretty. I love mass plantings!

Now, this is the other angle....not so pretty.... Don't you love it? Anyone feeling daring and want to share a best and worst angle?

Removing the foundation and that little building to the right is on our list of things to do but the list is quite long and this project is rather low on the list. I see a wonderful garden in this spot with a little fish pond and a path through it. At the far end, I envision a little patio with a table and chairs covered by large arbour with grape vines growing on it. Stay may be a few years but it's gonna be great!

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