Guest Post Guidelines

I accept guest posts on Cold Climate Gardening. (I call them Contributors.) You do not have to have a blog of your own or be a professional writer. I am looking for posts reflecting personal experience gardening in a cold climate. I define a cold climate as USDA Zone 5 and colder or the equivalent in other countries. Posts that solve a problem that cold climate gardeners face are preferred.


Posts should be written in standard English with good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I do not specify word length as I myself often write lengthy posts and I believe the most important thing is to communicate clearly. If it is very long (say, over 1,000 words) I will discuss dividing it into two posts with you.

I reserve the right to edit the post to improve clarity and to conform to my standard formatting style. Short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and subheads to guide the reader through the article are all helpful. Please add these where you think they are appropriate.

It is helpful if you can submit it in html format. Subheads are currently h2 on my site. If you don’t know how to format in html, I accept Word documents or plain text as well.


Articles should be accompanied by one or more images that illustrate the content. I prefer that you submit hi-res images that I will edit to conform to my current format. One image should be Pinterest-friendly with text relating to the post overlaid on the image. If you provide this image discuss the formatting requirements with me ahead of time. You must have the right to publish all images and they must be attributed and credited. It helps if you also provide captions but I reserve the right to edit them.


Where appropriate, I will link to other content on my blog from within your post. You may link to high quality external content (such as other writing of yours) if it is pertinent to the topic at hand. I get to decide if it is a high quality external site and no affiliate links are permitted.

I register all guest contributors in my WordPress admin. The byline at the top of the article will link to a list of the posts you have written for Cold Climate Gardening. You will have an author box at the end of the article to give a brief bio and link your name to your preferred location.

Currently my site will pull information from Gravatar if you have an account there. I am working on integrating with Google+ so that your name will be linked to your Google+ eventually, if you wish.


Your guest post must be your original work, previously unpublished on the internet. By submitting it to me, you agree that you won’t republish it on the internet, either on your own blog or as a guest post elsewhere. However, you retain the copyright and may republish in other non-internet channels, such as print.

Social Media

I would like you to monitor comments on your post for one week after it is published, and respond to anyone who has a question or concern. My WordPress installation will automatically notify you of comments at the email address you register with. Every blog post published on Cold Climate Gardening is automatically tweeted to my personal Twitter account and posted on the Cold Climate Gardening Facebook page. I do not require any other social media promotion but you are certainly welcome to link to it in your favorite social media channels.


Here are some of the successful guest posts previously published on Cold Climate Gardening.


Use the form below to contact me with your guest post idea. Please don’t tell me you will provide great unique content. Be as specific as you can. For example, “I garden in Zone 4 and I’ve developed a technique for growing cannas from seed.”
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