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How to Grow a School Garden: Book Review

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Last year, I started a garden at our school in a small town in Northern New York as part of a program out of Cooperative Extension.  I was nominated to lead a 4-H group at a meeting I didn't attend.  I consider myself an enthusiastic and somewhat knowledgeable gardener.  A leader of small children?  I [...]

Autumn Reprieve

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I just wanted to mention how gangbusters my garden is going right now. Dahlias, Zinnias, and Cosmos, with some cool weather annuals making a return. I have been cutting bunches and bunches! How fun! My two greatest producers have been Mexican Sunflowers (Tithonia "Torch") and good old Mealy cup Sage (Salvia Farinacea). Both of these [...]

Hardening my heart.

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I read the bookish gardeners article about seed starting with chagrin. My own seed starting practices have deteriorated over the years. Every seed gets sown in the same conditions, at the same time, somewhere around 6-8 weeks (if I'm running late, I change my last frost date so I am not behind). Apparently, conditions were [...]

The Agony and the Ecstasy

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Okay, so I peeked. I opened up a catalog. Then another, and another, and another. It became obvious that I was spending too much time looking at catalogs, so I began hiding them in the bathroom and feigning stomach viruses. I began to feel dirty and shameful, but I couldn't stop. Then, the list making [...]

Bulb mania

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I have planted 400 crocuses (half vernus), 60 daffodils (Tete a Tete and Earlicheer (20ct on sale for no money at Wayside)), 100 iris reticulata(Harmony), and about 15 hyacinths (L'Innocense) so far. Tomorrow I get my Brent and Beckys order - 50 N. Sweetness and 50 N. some early blooming jonquil linnaeus or campernelli something, [...]


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Due to the crazy weather, all my tulips are blooming at once, and it is quite delightful. I have taken pictures with an old fashioned film camera, so if I get them developed, I will post pictures. I will also have pictures to look at when there is nothing but dying tulip foliage to look [...]

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I finally sowed most of my seeds - 11 kinds of tomatoes, 3 types of eggplants, 5 kinds of peppers and a tomatillo. I still have to label them all - I have a detailed schematic, but if I lose that, I am in trouble. I used popsicle sticks last year, but I am out, [...]