Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Spring

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One of the many good things about spring is that without it, and without the absence imposed by fall and winter, we flawed mortals might fail to appreciate the beauties around us. So much of the wonder of spring is found in the return of what was absent. Would the appearance of new leaves and [...]

Early Pruning

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Pruning the apple trees is a rite of spring. In past years I had a tendency to get started late and finish in a somewhat hurried splurge of activity—tinged with a bit of panic that perhaps I wouldn't get it done in time. This year I had to take a different approach. Since I'm no [...]

Preferences in Futility

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We all have our preferences in futility. I have at various times made different forms of this observation, but today it struck me again as I watched my Mom weed her flower garden. I wouldn’t do that, I thought. It wasn’t because I thought weeding was too hard–weeding is easy. It wasn’t because I hate [...]

To Complain, Or Not

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Early summer is the time when I pass from the state of “getting behind” into the state of “being behind.” It is a time when there are a lot of beautiful things I might take joy in, but instead find myself wallowing in guilt or despair over unaccomplished goals. Nobody knows how to ruin a [...]

Leafing Out

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We are on the cusp. We balance for this one moment–these few short days–at the place of middle spring. The grass has greened, but the trees have not yet burst into full leaf. It is fascinating to look at the hillside and see how different varieties progress. In some places bare wooden branches stick up, [...]

The Trials of March

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The proverbial (and over used) saying is that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In truth March is a fickle beast and comes in as it wishes and goes out as it wishes. Some years you might have the bliss of March both coming and going like a lamb [...]

Everything In

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I, at long last, (so it seems,) have everything planted. It always seems I reach this state with less dignity and aplomb than I would like. Later winter and early spring are spent dreaming up all sorts of things that I'll want to get done and complaining that I can't do everything. Then, starting sometime [...]

Blooming and Gone

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This May has ended up exceptionally warm. The apple trees did bloom early, but there wasn't a frost the entire time the apple trees were in bloom, and there hasn't been one since. That is nice. In fact, that is excellent. To not have all my apple blossoms ruined by frost is one relief. However, [...]