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Nine Years of Blogging

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Today, Cold Climate Gardening turned nine years old. My very first blog post was a list of goals for this blog. After that, I didn't mention my blogiversary until 2006, when I wrote a six part series on Garden Blog Pioneers in honor of my fourth blogiversary. The following year I invited my readers to [...]

Cold Climate Gardening Turns Eight

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Yes, I started blogging on this date eight years ago. So much has changed. I've been through three different publishing platforms, adopting WordPress in 2005. Felt so alone when I started, so began a blog directory to keep track of other garden blogs. Now my directory is only the tip of the iceberg! Zanthan Gardens [...]

House Beautiful Readers, Welcome

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Cold Climate Gardening has a tiny bit-part in House Beautiful's June issue. If you happen to subscribe or see a copy for sale, turn to page 40 and check out the top right part of the page. If you don't manage to get hold of a copy, no worries. It is a shortened version of [...]