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Welcome, Syracuse readers

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Today my blog was profiled on Gina Chen's Family Life Blog, based in Syracuse, NY. The Syracuse area played an important part in my growing up, where I made my first attempts at gardening at our home in Manlius. I bet the winter aconites I planted still bloom by the front steps and the daffodils [...]

Yes, I know it doesn’t look right

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I just upgraded my version of WordPress. Because I had code in my theme (design) that would no longer work with the new version of WordPress, I needed to edit the theme before I could upgrade the software. I figured while I was at it, I'd expand the width by adding another sidebar, since just [...]

Hello, Rochester, and welcome!

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Jane Milliman in "Put down the shovel and blog" had some nice things to say about this website. Rochester is a garden loving city and I am happy to welcome its residents to my little corner of the internet. You can browse through the blog by date, category, or tag (some of the bigger categories [...]

Why don’t more older gardeners blog?

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I was one of several garden bloggers inteviewed by Doug Green for an article on garden blogging for The American Gardener, which is published by the American Horticultural Society. I thought the article was a good overview for beginners on the topic, not going too deeply into the technology behind blogging but maintaining accuracy. Really, [...]

Cold Climate Gardening mentioned on Sirius radio

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This photo has nothing to do with the post below. Just thought I'd share the view from my porch today. It's probably at its peak right now and will be gone within a week.Just learned from Jessica Walliser that on tomorrow’s edition of ‘The Organic Gardeners’ they will be talking about ColdClimateGardening.com. Every week they [...]