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Alfalfa on Roses

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Today I put alfalfa pellets around my roses and scratched it into the soil. The odd thing was, I couldn't remember why I was doing it. I knew I had read, or had been told, that it was good to give roses some alfalfa as they're just leafing out. But I couldn't remember where I [...]

Choose locations to plant fall bulbs now

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In January, the snowdrops in the Secret Garden looked like this: This Sunday just passed--March 7th--those same snowdrops looked like this: Such are the vagaries of an upstate New York winter. Since then, the temperatures have been mild and the sunshine brilliant, and the snow is receding. This, my fellow cold climate gardeners, is the [...]

Planting Tulips, Part 2

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Yesterday I told you how I finally realized species tulips planted in the peony bed would help to bridge the bloom gap of late spring. I got the tulips chosen and purchased, and now I'm going to show you how I planted them. But first let's talk about the most efficient way of planting them, [...]

Planting Tulips, Part 1

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After the snowdrops, after the crocuses, after the daffodils, there is just about nothing blooming in the front of the house until the June show of peonies, irises, and poppies. I have not been the first person to notice this bloom gap, not by a long shot, and the traditional recommendation is to plant tulips [...]