Debra Prinzing: Seasonal + Sustainable = Slow Flowers

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When I reviewed Debra Prinzing's book Slow Flowers back in July, I wondered about Debra's use of the terms seasonal and sustainable. I wondered particularly about how seasonal and sustainable such flowers would be in climates much colder than Debra's moderate Pacific Northwest. Before I ever published that review, I gave Debra a chance to [...]

GardenStalking: A New Way to Browse Blogs

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Veteran garden bloggers probably remember Garden Voices. "Back in the day"--before Twitter, before Facebook, even before Blotanical--it was the best way to find new garden blogs. Garden Voices is a blog aggregator, a website that collects--or aggregates--posts about a certain topic, so you can get an idea of what the blogosphere is saying about that [...]

Kerry Mendez, Garden Coach

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After reading about the symposium and poking around her website, I was surprised I hadn't come across Kerry Mendez before. After all, she gardens in my state, in a similar climate. Some of her gardens are featured in Gardens Adirondack Style, which I reviewed for Horticulture in 2006. I decided I needed to know more [...]

Nan Ondra: Garden Writer and Garden Blogger

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Nan with her two alpacas, Duncan and Daniel. Photo by Rob Cardillo, used with permission.Yesterday I reviewed Fallscaping by Stephanie Cohen and Nancy Ondra. Knowing Nan is a fellow garden blogger, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about her as a writer and gardener. This is your second book co-authored with Stephanie [...]