Colchicum ‘Beaconsfield’

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This is a recent acquisition from Odyssey Bulbs, in full, though battered, bloom on September 15th. It does not seem to be as tesselated (checkered) as Colchicum agrippinum. But since this is its first year, and since I was out of town for its peak bloom, we'll revisit that issue next year. It appears it [...]

Earliest Colchicums Ever

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After two days of much-needed rain, I decided to walk around the garden to see what I could see. I wasn't really expecting to see colchicums blooming, because they usually start in September. Perhaps the extended hot and dry spell, followed by the cool, rainy weather encouraged them to break dormancy early. At any rate, [...]

Colchicum Design Ideas from Montrose Gardens

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Many gardeners complain that it is difficult to place colchicums in the garden because of their unusual growing cycle, in which their leaves grow in the spring, die down in the summer, and then the flowers emerge in the fall. The colchicum bed at Montrose Gardens in Hillsborough, North Carolina, pictured above, contained many colchicum [...]

First colchicum

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My first colchicum is up but hasn't pinked up yet.Most colchicums emerge white and then pink up over the next few days. Did you know I am a colchicum evangelist, spreading the good news of colchicums wherever I go? For some of my earlier messages, check out the archives.