Snowdrops: When Does a Bud Become a Bloom?

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You tell me: do I have blooms for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day? These snowdrops are the furtherest along of all that I have. They have "dropped"; that is, their buds are no longer pointing up, but have been released from their sheaths and are hanging from their pedicels. Now these… These are unquestionably blooming snowdrops--but [...]

My first glimpse of snowdrops

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It got up to 51 F yesterday, so I took a walk to see what I could see. And what did I see, but my first glimpse of snowdrops: What! You can't see them? Look closer: Oh…you didn't think I meant snowdrop flowers, did you? For that you'll have to wait another two-and-a-half months. Seriously.

Counting the days till spring

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I don't keep consistently good garden records, but one detail I have tracked faithfully since I planted my first flower, is the date of the first bloom around here. For you Southerners who have things blooming throughout the winter, I'm talking about the first visible bloom, when the snow has melted enough for me to [...]


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The snowdrops in the Secret Garden are all blooming now, the same ones I tried to will out of the ground earlier. These are my most rapidly increasing snowdrops. I got them from a friend who found them growing in a field near her house. Presumably there was once a house and garden where she [...]


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It started last night, and the weather service is predicting 12 to 20 inches of accumulation. My cousin in Maryland got 26 inches. This has been the kind of winter to severely aggravate cabin fever. Snow so deep the kids can't play outside, and temps so cold they would be back inside so soon it [...]