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Seeds for Cold Climates

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Seeds of vegetables grown in cold climates need to have a short length to maturity and an ability to tolerate cooler than typical temperatures--day and night. You can look in any general seed catalog for terms like "short growing season," "early-bearing," "tolerates cool evenings," or even the magic words, "especially bred for northern growers." It's [...]

Botanical Interests Seed Giveaway

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Congratulations to Robbie, who won some free seeds from Botanical Interests at Carol's giveaway! Those of you who didn't win have another chance. The giveaway here is just a bit different. First go over to Botanical Interests and look over their offerings. Then list the six seed packets (excluding the large packets) you'd like to [...]

Three gardening books for children

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Many gardening books for children take what I think of as the art project approach: here's what you need, this is what you do, isn't that cute?, now show it to Grandma. Very few books out there take children--or a child's interest in gardening--seriously. I prefer to regard children as apprentice gardeners, gradually acquiring more [...]