Mud Season

Planting: Mud Season

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Yesterday I actually planted plants. Outdoors! I consider this just short of a miracle, because the snow isn't fully melted yet. Here's how I did it. First, I made sure I knew where the snow had melted first. Yesterday, the snow was melted over much of the front lawn, but the soil wasn't thawed everywhere. [...]

Icicle Season

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big icicle

Icicle season is here at Purdyville, although, truthfully, all the icicles have already crashed to the ground. Icicle season, as described by the Nature Calendar, is characterized by alternate freezing and thawing. That is what has been happening here. Every morning, the roads are ice- or snow-covered and slick. By afternoon, they are merely wet. [...]

Coltsfoot: It’s Not A Dandelion–Wildflower Wednesday March 2012

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You could be forgiven for mistaking coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) for a dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) from a distance,especially if you didn't know that coltsfoot is the earliest blooming wildflower in northeastern North America. Can you tell them apart when I put them next to each other?Furthermore, coltsfoot flowers bloom without any foliage at all. Dandelions send [...]

Mudseason Miscellany

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The eighteen inches of snow that had fallen on the night of March 6th had finally melted this past weekend. (For a few dramatic pictures of that storm, visit Cold Climate Gardening's Facebook Page.) And now it's snowing again, to the tune of five or more inches. This is demoralizing. But cold climate gardeners are [...]

Hellebore Clean-up: Mud Season

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It was 36F and very lightly snowing. There was no wind, so I called it good enough, bundled up and went out to trim some hellebores--the ones no longer covered with snow. Why trim hellebores? 1) The new foliage and buds look better without the ratty foliage that persevered through the winter. 2) It lets [...]

Making Maple Syrup: Mud Season Harvest

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Mud season is when the old-fashioned buckets and the new-fangled tubing used for collecting maple sap make their appearance up and down our street. We don't tap maple trees for syrup, but some of our neighbors do--and so does my brother. Here is how he got started making maple syrup.--Editor It all started at the [...]

Mud Season: Where Is It?

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. . . one has begun to search for signs of spring almost since January, and to receive them, like postcards sent on a long voyage to home ~A Year at North Hill The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the ground . . . is still covered in snow. At sunrise this [...]