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A blog (short for web log) is a kind of online journal. There are lots of different kinds of blogs on the internet, and garden blogs are just a small fraction of the blogs out there. To me, they are the equivalent of a virtual garden club, only instead of members from your local area, you get to compare notes with gardeners from all over the United States, and, if you know the language, even other parts of the world.

These are some of the gardening blogs I know about that are being regularly updated, though the frequency of updates varies greatly from blog to blog, and even from month to month in the same blog. Furthermore, many of the authors write about other topics as well as gardening, though gardening is a prominent theme.

Why you need a feed reader

I am happy to report that there are now so many gardening blogs that it is impossible to check each one individually every day to see if new content has been published. That’s why smart garden blog addicts use a feed reader to check for updates.

Simply put, a feed is a special file that encapsulizes the content on the page, making it easily portable to other locations. RSS and Atom are the two most common feed types. A feed reader processes the feeds so that they are readable by humans. There are a lot of feed readers out there. If you don’t already have a favorite, try Google Reader.

Eventually, you will want to know how to read feeds without driving yourself mad, including the secret to lightning-fast feed reading.

The “Random Reads” section in the sidebar of the home page displays ten feeds chosen at random from this directory. In addition, each blog listed here has a link to its syndication (RSS) feed provided, so if you just want to subscribe to one particular blog, you can. And let me emphasize that these are only the gardening blogs that I know about that I’ve had time to enter into the directory. Sheila Lennon maintains a list called More garden blogs than you have time to read, and her title says it all. And then there’s Moosey’s. Moosey’s Gardening News Desk is the biggest collection of garden-related syndication feeds anywhere on the web, encompassing far more than just weblogs. If you are looking to find more garden blogs or get more exposure for your own garden blog, you’ve got to see both these two places. But save Moosey’s for when you’ve got a chunk of time. Gardening news desk aside, it’s one of the biggest and best gardening websites on the Internet.

More recently, Stuart Robinson has created a map-based garden blog directory, and Susan Harris has started a list, as well.

If you have a garden blog, please let me know. But I have to say this: I only list personal gardening blogs. No canned content reprinted from somewhere else, and no blog that’s nothing more than a compendium of auto-collected links. However, a blog written in a personal style by a gardening business will be considered, and more likely than not, added.

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