Why rain gauges break and plants heave

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It was a balmy 57F out today, a pleasant change from last week's snow, so I took a stroll around the garden to see what I could see. I saw the new growth of sedums at soil level, and I saw colchicums emerging from the earth, way too early as usual.I also saw the damage [...]

Plants grow under the snow

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A couple of days ago, Mr. McGregor's Daughter was speculating that my snowdrops might be blooming under the snow. I was pretty sure they weren't, but I took advantage of Monday's thaw to confirm my suspicions (photo above). There were quite a few more patches of snowdrops visible now, but none are near blooming yet. [...]

Does this look like spring to you?

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This was the view out my kitchen door yesterday morning. We had rain which changed to snow as the day progressed. Because everything was wet, the heavy snow stuck to everything. When the wind picked up, the snow didn't blow off the branches but added weight to the force of the wind. Consequently branches were [...]