Three Poppy Seed Tips

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Lauren's Grape poppy grown from Botanical Interests seed

Botanical Interests asked me to submit three tips about poppies and my photo to put in their catalog. They only used one of the tips, but there I am on page forty-five.Botanical Interests sells several kinds of poppies, including one of my favorites, 'Lauren's Grape'. One year their supplier of 'Lauren's Grape' had a crop [...]

Winter Thaw Discoveries

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Even in a cold, snowy climate, there are often thaws, periods where it warms up (that means, above freezing), the sun shines, and you may even lose snow cover. In my case, while Oklahoma was getting buried under a record snowfall, it was raining here, and then, on this past Sunday, the sun came out. [...]

Seven Gardening Gifts No One Will Give Me

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Mother's Day is fast approaching, and many retailers who normally don't feature gardening products have potted flowering plants and other quasi-gardening gifts prominently displayed. I thought I'd take the opposite tack and share with you my favorite non-gardening garden "thingies." Most of them don't qualify as tools. Some of them, quite frankly, would look like [...]

Poppy Seed Queens

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Just about half a year ago, I was lamenting the loss of my favorite pink peony poppy. Thanks to one of my readers, I learned that these beauties are being sold on eBay. EBay! I had known that seeds and plants were sold on eBay, but had never thought to look myself. That tip led [...]