Autumn Mourning

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The weather has been glorious. Perfectly blue skies providing a backdrop as the leaves change to their brilliant autumnal colors. It makes my heart sing--and mourn.Not because winter is coming, per se. I live in a cold climate; winter is supposed to come.But not before I get through my gardening list! Yes, by the time [...]

Yellow Leaves: Why?

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A lot of my plants have yellow leaves that aren't supposed to. It's been raining frequently--often heavy downpours--and when it hasn't been raining it's been quite humid. So both the air and the soil are saturated--a recipe for plant disease if the plants aren't adapted to those conditions. Here's what I've been seeing: Why is [...]

Plant Grafted Roses The Easy Way

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Last October, when I planted some grafted roses, I explained how the graft needed to be four inches below soil level. And I pointed out how, with the roots extending a foot or more beyond the bud union, I wound up digging some pretty deep holes. Never again! Yesterday I heard Lee Ginenthal, who owns [...]